Becoming a Ghost

The past month in Asia was fun. I spent time in 5 different countries, met tons of family and friends, and even caught up with my high school senior whom I have not met for 10 years (and honestly didn't think I would meet her ever again).

But everyday there's a nagging voice in my head - I am not progressing towards my goals - Career and Personal. My top 2 goals right now is to reach 8% body fat by end of 2023 and get some domain knowledge in AI and SEO. These are my goals because I always wanted them but couldn't, as I was dealing with this struggle.

However no regrets at all for making this trip, because I absolutely had to come back to visit my family, as well as check out my skin condition again in Asia's hot & humid weather. Happy to say, I have completed these 2 tasks.

Now that those are taken care of, I need to whip myself into who I want to be, with plain old boring self-discipline.

Entering Ghost Mode for 3 months

It's similar to Monk Mode, meaning extreme focus on long term goals and removing all short term distractions. I name it Ghost mode because I am also going to be mostly uncontactable (and it just sound cooler than monk).

Why uncontactable?

Networking is so huge in USA, and people seem to talk more than they listen. I gave this new communication style 5 mins and decided that it is better for me to go back to my default as an introverted-asian. I can still be talkative, warm and be available all the time, but I prefer not to. I prefer to listen more than I talk, smile only when I truly want to, and be warm only to those who have earned it.

I need to get into the flow state again

The last 1.5 years was transformative. Not only did I lose 16kg, I travelled a lot, achieved some career goals, something I would never have been able to achieve if I did not get into a focused mode. I have so much more I want to achieve, and I know I am not a superhuman, I need to prioritise. So it is time for some Obsession and Urgency.

Time to become a Ghost!