My Manifesto

Consistent blogging for the past 2 weeks has solidified a list of values and goals I want to live by, hereby presented in this Manifesto

No Bullshit

There is a right and wrong and there is a real and fake. No more "It depends". Bullshit are things that don't move the needle forward. Bullshit are just fluff, talk without action. Be true to myself, back to first principles.

Build awesome things

My time on this earth is limited. Spend it building meaningful things, useful things, awesome things. This means products, myself and relationships that will make a meaningful and lasting impact.

Spend time with awesome people

My time isn't and shouldn't be free. Be selective of who gets a share of my time. Find people who are similar to myself, who are the same kind of weird, who belong to the same tribe.

Be purpose-driven

Life is full of distractions. Know what I want and review it everyday.

Don't be an egolistic jerk

Everyone has ego, everyone wants to be respected, so do I. But be humble, because I am not that special and I am in fact quite unlucky. So work in silent, let the work speak for itself.

Happiness above all

My 84 years old grandmother represents the peak of wisdom. Life is about being happy, so be brutally honest with myself about what makes me happy and go do it. Sure, life has constraints, but work within those constraints and expand my possibilities.

Don't be a yes-man

Say more 'no's to everything that I don't want. Say more F***-offs.

Simplicity, Frugality, Minimism

I don't need the most fancy food or houses. I want to be able to pack my life up in a bag and gain valuable experiences.

Stick to the right and boring basics

Go to the gym. Write the code. Eat real food. Be responsible. Be nice. Be genuine. Always learn. Don't chase shiny new objects, stick to the basics.

Embrace my weirdness

I have never fit in anywhere. I am part Chinese, part Singaporean. Smart enough to win some scholarships and awards, too dumb to work it out in the real world. I can count the number of people who understands my weirdness in 1 hand and for too long I tried to fit in but it's time to stand out.

I cannot predict the future

Live in the moment, live with no regrets. When I am doing something meaningful, 2 weeks feel like 2 months.