I have been watching a China higher-education influencer videos lately, this is his best one: 张雪峰. His videos remind me of all the chinese teaching my parents taught me when I was young and also reminded me why I am doing what I do.

When I was growing up my family wasn't rich, but my parents are well-educated, they worked very hard to improve the financial situation and always remain grounded (unlike the glamorous startup founders nowadays). 2 teachings always followed me: 要有自知之明 (know your abilities, do what you can do) and 该做什么做什么 (you know what you need to do, so do it).

张雪峰 grew up poor, according to the video, he was disrespected by his ex-girlfriend's parents for being poor, so he worked really hard for many years to be who he is today so that he can prove himself to those who looked down on him. He is rich now, but he sacrificed a lot of personal priorities like family, to get here.

What I like about him is he believes in exactly the same beliefs my parents have: Work hard, be humble, accept who you are and swallow your pride, believe in your dreams. He has this sense of pragmatism, much like the late LKY of Singapore.

I have always believed in those values, but during my struggles with health, I gave up and accepted my life to suck. I wasn't able to perform well in classes, I was blatantly looked down on by my professors/teachers, and I accepted that I probably should be single forever. As the saying goes: 你凭什么? (loosely translated to what rights do I have to want those things in life?).

It is much more applicable to males. If we don't have abilities, we haven't proved ourselves, society is a very tough place for us. I will never ever forget how I didn't matter to anyone (other than my family), because I was sick. Which is also why I value genuine relationships where status doesn't matter a lot more.

This is why I appreciate my second chance at life after my health has improved. My second fighting chance. To try to reach my goals, be a better version of myself, and prove to myself that I am capable, to show people who looked down on me that they were wrong.

So thank you 张雪峰 for reminding me those important values, I am not going to take it easy.